Terms of Service

Propus offers software and services to governments, educational institutions, and companies to optimize information and crisis management.

If you have any questions about Propus, please contact us via info@propus.nl.

General: Terms and Conditions

In our terms of service, we use ‘you’, ‘your’, as users of our software, services, or visitor of our web sites or social media profiles.

‘We’, ‘our’ indicates Propus, which is registered in the Netherlands, Paula Koppelaarstraat 2, 4816BV Breda. Our chamber of commerce number is 73767220.

Application of our services

Our terms apply to everyone using our software products (‘EX-M’, ‘Disaster in my Backyard’) and (consulting) services. Also, visiting our web site and social media profiles are included. For users our software products, our terms and conditions apply. We only deviate of this is agreed upon via written consent.

What can you expect from Propus?

We strive to improve our software continuously. But we cannot guarantee or hold any liability if any of our software malfunctions. Organizations using our software could initiate a fallback system to collect and store data.

Otherwise, Propus is allowed to initiate maintenance to its software. We will try to lower the downtime to a minimum.

Propus is free to change parts of its software without notification of its users.

We strive for accuracy of our data and communication, but it could be possible our data contains errors or misinterpretations. Propus is not liable for any wrong analysis or results from our software.

What can you do with our products?

Propus software is for organizations, not for private persons. The minimum age to use our product is 18 years.

Our software license gives the right to use it for one organization.

Usage of our software may not coincide with existing laws, norms, and values. Our software cannot be used for:

  • Illegal activities
  • Illegal or illegitimate materials
  • Use our software to spam
  • Use our software to hack
  • Not act as Propus or a partner of Propus without written consent
  • No worms, viruses, or other destructive codes may not be uploaded and transferred through Propus software.

Our brand and software contains intellectual property. Copying, changing, or imitating our software or services is not allowed.

A user is responsible for correct usage under that account. You are responsible for misuse or misconduct of what happens within your account or environment.

We advise to choose a strong and unique password and to not share this password with other individuals.

What happens if you violate or terms?

If you violate our terms of service, you are liable for any damage as a result. If someone or another organization addresses misuse of the software, we are not liable for any damage caused.

We are allowed to suspend or deny access to your account. We are free to delete any data. We are not liable for any damage caused by terminating your account.

How do we solve any issues in our agreement?

We try to solve any issues you have without interference of lawyers or courts. In any other case, Dutch laws applies to our services and software.

How we deal with force majeur

We are not liable if one of our suppliers of (software) services is not able to fulfill its obligations or any malfunctions or energy or internet interference. 

What to do if you want to make us liable for use of our services?

If you want to notify us about any damage caused by our software or services, we are only liable for the maximum amount spent on our software.

Moreover, you have to notify us via info@propus.nl.

We are not liable for missed revenue, profits, cost savings, goodwill or any other type of decline in your organization.

We are not liable for errors in our software which results in errors in reports, or any other types of information and its interpretations.

We are not liable if you did not save data from our services if we lose the data.

Our liability is limited to direct damage and maximized to the amount owed by using our software of one year.

We are only liable for the amount our insurer decides to reimburse. The limitation of liability is not applicable if we are conscious intent. 

Ownership of data and software

You are owner of the data in our software. We are intellectual property owner of our software.


If you want to learn more about how we deal with your privacy, please visit our privacy page.