Concise and concrete advise from Propus experts to become more prepared and compliant in safety and crisis situations.

Exercise Management Tool

Supports organizing small, large, and multidisciplinary exercises for emergency response teams of any size. This web-based tool helps to design, plan, and report exercises to all stakeholders.

Disaster in my Backyard

Serious game which helps teams to solve emergency-related puzzles to become more effective in collaboration and communication.

Propus thrives to improve human lives and environments in critical conditions. We combine academic knowledge and experience from information management and crisis management. With these tools we support crisis response teams to organize their exercises better and learn skills more intuitively. Thereby, our knowledge center is specialized in providing advise how to combine information management and technology in humanitarian and natural disasters.


Concise advice for your organization on how to become prepared and effective in crisis situations

We evaluate your current policies and processes to advice improvements

We help your employees to become more aware of risks and safety issues

We highlight where your organization can learn and grow to become more safe and swift in crisis situations

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Exercise Management Tool

Through continuous intuitive learning, EX-M web-based application helps to organize small, large, and multidisciplinary exercises for emergency response teams

Focus on improving learning efficiency of all participants and multidisciplinary collaborations

Easy to export findings for more effective debriefing of participants and reporting to stakeholders

Digitizing exercises in a web-based application for exercise controllers, evaluators, observers and participants

Hybrid and online exercises can be organized

Real-time collaboration in one single application

Save resources and prevent duplicate work while organizing and executing the exercise

Personalized schedules and briefing for all participants, easy to communicate changes directly to those affected

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Disaster in my Backyard

A serious game which helps multidisciplinary teams to improve collaboration and communication in a simulated crisis situation

Interactive simulated environment where gradually complexity is increased

Focus on communication and collaboration within and between multidisciplinary teams