Serious Gaming

Competence building in an interactive environment

Serious games supports organizations in building individual and group competence. In an interactive and immersive experience, participants are tested on their intuitive learning and growth process. 

Serious games help 

Playing a serious game helps to improve decision-making. It is not about winning, but about learning in a safe trail-and-error environment. 

We believe in continuous and intuitive learning methods. Serious Gaming helps to create an interactive and immersive experience for participants.  but safe environment to trail-and-error, change complexities and other variables to test whether individuals are able to work together within and between teams.

Benefits of serious gaming with your team

The goal of serious gaming is not about winning the game, but reflecting on the learning process

Disaster in my Backyard

Disaster in my Backyard (DIMB) is a serious game created by Kenny Meesters. In his experience as information manager and researcher, and volunteer in crisis and emergency response situations, he developed a compelling game and scenarios which helps teams to become more resilient.

Training individuals and teams for unprepared situations is difficult. That’s why training to make both individual and team performance and skills excel is important.