Exercise Management Tool

Improving learning opportunities for crisis response teams

Exercises are key learning and improvement opportunities for crisis response teams. Being prepared for unexpected, uncertain, and complex situations requires specialized soft and hard skills. Exercises contribute to obtaining skills required in diverse crisis situations scenarios. Because individuals are required to improvise, skills must become intuitively adopted by participants. Also, they require to be up-to-date with the latest methods and techniques being known.

By digitizing exercise management in one single application, EX-M tooling helps to schedule people and resources to injects and locations. 

Digitizing exercise management improves efficiency and effectiveness for exercise controllers and participants

EX-M supports different types and sizes of exercises


Learn new methods and techniques to adapt within your team


Improve communication and collaboration within and between teams.


Where multiple teams improve collaboration and communication and logistics becomes more complex due to the size of people and resources involved.


Full-scale complex organization of exercises, multi-day exercises of various teams multidisciplinary teams.

Exercise Management Tooling benefits

Define and align learning objectives and collaborate real-time

EX-M digitalizes exercises in a responsive application, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Exercise organizers can collaborate to organize the exercise in one single application. Team leaders can agree upon learning objectives through a voting system.

Save time and resources through effective and efficient planning

Planning a large number of people, resources, and locations on different injects can be a complex task for organizing exercises. EX-M tooling helps to find gaps and overlap in schedules in a single overview. Changes can directly be communicated to participants in personalized schedules and notifications. 

Direct and tailored communication to all stakeholders

Personalized briefing and debriefing helps participants to focus on the exercise and track individual and team improvements. Role-players and participants receive a personalized schedule to help them to prepare and being present at the right location at the right time.  

Effective reporting of lessons learned and improvements for participants and stakeholders

To support and optimize auditing of exercises, results are linked to learning objectives and can be easily downloaded and shared with participants and stakeholders.

Supports offline, hybrid and online exercises

EX-M enables organizations to organize exercises independent of location by integrating online meeting tools, video calls, and chat services. Save and sound during quarantaine due to Covid-19 and travel regulations. Also, hybrid forms like virtual reality and augmented reality plus real-life exercises can be easily embedded within EX-M.

(re)Use templates, exchange, and re-use exercise materials within organizations and across networks

Scenarios can be re-used and quickly adapted to new situations and shared with other organizations. EX-M also has standardized formats which can be easily used for any organization to kick-start their exercises. Objectives, results and lessons learned can be saved and shared to eneble incremental learning across exercises and between organizations.