Our Serious Game is a workshop format in which organisations can practice crisis management in a day (or part thereof). A Serious Game in which you re-enact an exercise and perform commands using smartphones and QR codes. The goal of the game is to learn to work together and gain experience in dealing with crisis situations.

Who is the Serious Game for?

  • Organisations/teams looking to experience what it is like to act during a crisis situation under time pressure
  • Organisations/teams of 25+ colleagues

Where does the game take place?
The location is determined in consultation and is possible in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Did you know that…
The Serious Game took place in the past at the Willem 2 stadium, Brabant Hallen in Den Bosch, Tilburg University Campus, Schiedam Fire Brigade, the RISK Factory in Mid and West-Brabant, Avans University of Applied Sciences, and the Library of Tilburg.

The serious game gets 4.5 stars from participants!

Would you like to organise a Serious Game?

Do you and your team want to experience what it’s like to work together in a crisis situation? Then request a no-obligation quote for the Serious Game.

Contact Propus
Mid and West Brabant Safety Region

“For a Population Care Network Day within the Mid and West Brabant Safety Region, we asked Propus to let our Population Care crisis officers manage an unknown crisis in an interactive manner. They did this with a well worked out Serious Game. Our crisis officers learned to work together in a short time and to make decisions quickly. All while under pressure! It was a pleasant collaboration with these Propus professionals. Highly recommended!”