With more than ten years of experience in the field of information and crisis management, we have developed Propus Exercise. Our software makes designing, organising and analysing safety exercises easier and improves the quality of the exercise. Our analytics module also helps organisations learn more from the exercises. Our analysis module helps organisations to learn more. The analysis and evaluation become more concrete and therefore offer significant value for both personal development and development at a team and organisational level. Among others, Multidisciplinary Education, Training and Exercise teams will benefit greatly.

Why Propus Exercise?
Do you regularly perform safety exercises, but does this provide little insight during and after the exercise? Are results and progress barely recorded or are you lost in the paperwork for the evaluations? Then Propus Exercise provides the overview and insight you are looking for.

Within our software, you can easily design various scenarios, and all information for participants can be found in one digital environment. Preparing an exercise therefore takes less time and administration. In addition, the development per individual can be monitored and stored properly. In addition to these benefits, it also gives you room to develop further. In this way, the diversity of exercises grows significantly, and unique learning paths can be offered per team/role level. The data shows demonstrable difference and growth after a few exercises.

How does Propus Exercise work?
With Propus Exercise, you always have access to your organisation’s personal online environment. You can choose in advance which modules you can take. In your area, you are able to compile scenarios yourself and track progress. You can set up the software for users at the team and organisation level and work on learning paths. Assign roles and rights to teammates and determine who receives what information before, during, and after the exercise.

U kunt in onze software veilig inloggen met uw eigen organisatiegegevens.

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The software is divided into four modules:

  1. Design: add participants, set learning objectives, and set up the exercise
  2. Planning: Easily plan the scenario for the exercise in question
  3. Monitoring: Monitor the exercise in real time and adjust as needed
  4. Analysis: Review data collected and report by scenario or learning objective at multiple levels (individual team organisation)
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The benefits of Propus Excercise

  • Digital storage of exercise data without loss of quality
  • Insight into different levels and columns
  • Accountability of learning objectives achieved and insight into learning efficiency
  • Easy export of information and insights
  • Insightful data during and after the exercise on a well-organised dashboard
  • Flexibility to make adjustments to an exercise (even last-minute)
  • Reuse of exercise and scenarios
  • A secure web application suitable for mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Securely log in with your organizational data using SSO
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Twente Safety Region

"For the implementation of the new vision of learning, Safety Region Twente went looking for a system that would support our officers with maintaining learning objectives and professionalism. Propus proved to be the most flexible and together we embarked on a trajectory. In the coming years, we will be developing more modules together that will support VRT and its colleagues in learning."