The Propus team is happy to make itself available for consultancy assignments to organisations that want to be assisted with information and crisis management issues. We offer this in the form of workshops and training courses, but also through research and advice reports.

Our team not only has scientific knowledge, but also practical experience. For example, Kenny gained experience by contributing as a first responder to Ebola and the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, among others, and he is an advisor to the United Nations. He has published dozens of papers on the need for information management, is regularly invited as a speaker and is an authority in this field.

Our vision for information management
Risks and crises are evolving rapidly, as are the technical possibilities. Setting up the provision of information properly therefore requires continuous adaptability of the organisation, people, and technology. Through knowledge transfer, practical exercises, and the use of self-designed tools, Propus helps organisations prepare for a crisis in a changeable world.

Our advice
The Propus team advises and guides crisis organisations and crisis teams within organisations on developments regarding information and crisis management. Any question related to this topic may be asked. We will then explore together what the best approach is to arrive at an answer or plan of action within your organisation.

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Here is how we have helped other organisations further with our consultancy...

  • In the past, we provided the CIC of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management with advice regarding information and crisis management.
  • The government of St Maarten requested support from Propus for a national development plan supported by the EU, Dutch Government, VNGI and the UN. Many projects have been started within this plan. To make these projects transparent and monitor progress, Propus issued advice and developed a dashboard.
  • Propus provided support during a European project focused on crisis situations. Our team issued advice on how to act in the event of a cross-border crisis. Subsequently, we carried out some exercises with the stakeholders involved.

Does your organisation have a crisis or security question? Contact us for an introductory meeting. We would like to help you think about the best solutions to make your organisation safer and more resilient during a crisis.

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“Within the area of crisis management, information management plays a crucial role for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, whereby challenges such as privacy and ethical use of data are faced. Propus performed a gap analysis, which depicts both the current and the desired situation. Propus made recommendations to move from the current situation to the desired situation for the future, with special attention to the supporting role of information management in crisis management.”