Propus vof (“Propus”) is the responsible party for processing data as described below in the Privacy Statement.

Contact information Propus


Paula Koppelaar Street 2

4816 BV Breda

Chamber of Commerce: 85980854

Contact information for privacy officer at Propus

Joel Repko

Phone Number: +31613909316

Email address:

Who is the privacy notice intended for?

The privacy statement is intended for visitors to our Web sites, data controllers who use Propus applications under license, and users of our applications who work (or have worked) for the data controllers. Propus is the processor in this.

What websites (domains) and applications are under Propus’ management?

(Sub)domains under, and are managed by Propus.

Disaster in my Backyard (DIMB): a serious game that tests crisis and information management skills in a realistic context.

EX-M: a tool that allows organizations such as emergency and security services to understand the learning process of their employees and organization as a whole.

Purpose of our data collection

On our website and applications, we collect data with cookies or through data entry to enable functional use and, in addition, to be able to perform analyses to improve the website, applications and processes of the processing organization.

In addition, we collect data in our applications, which are visible only to Propus and the processing organization to which the account belongs.

For this, a processing agreement is signed between the processor (Propus) and the processing responsible organization (licensee). This data is stored for the purpose of performing, or improving, processes of the organization.

The processor and processing organization is authorized to add, modify or delete the information in this application.

The processor (Propus) will not use the data without permission, other than for the purpose of organizing the processes of the processing responsible organization.

If employees of the processing organization leave the organization, the data remains under the control of the processing organization and thus accessible to Propus.

Data under the direct control of Propus is not sold to third parties.

What do we do with your data?

We store functional data for the use of our website and applications in secure European servers at reputable and certified parties that comply with Dutch AVG / European GDPR laws and regulations.

Data from our website is stored and processed anonymously only.

Processing organizations only have access to data from accounts within their organization. It depends on the application settings whether the organization also allows data to be visible, editable or deleted by others within the organization.

People who work or have worked for the processing organization may process personal data in text as well as in video and audio from you in Propus’ application or extract it from Propus’ application.

What data is collected

We collect functional and analytical data. We do this in our website and applications based on cookies. We do this to enable optimal use and improvement of the experience.

This includes data that allows us to give you an optimal user experience in our application, such as browser and IP address. For other data, such as location data (GPS) and access to your applications, we ask for consent separately. We process this data for optimal use and for comprehensive analyses by the processing organization.

In addition, we and processing organizations have a legal obligation to store, or use, certain data to improve and account for the organization’s processes.

Propus always signs a processing agreement with the controller organization, which uses the software under license. This gives us access to data such as your first and last name, and e-mail address. And possibly your date of birth, address information, and IP address.

In our applications, the processing organization may choose to link and/or collect additional personal data.

In addition, other application users working for the processing organization may process personal data about you.

Sharing data with third parties

Propus does not share data with third parties that are not purposeful for the processor or processing organization. We do not sell data to third parties.

Storage and retention periods

We are required by law to store data for a minimum of 7 years.

If you use Propus’ applications, you can request that your organization delete stored data associated with you. We recommend that you also submit this same written request (email will suffice) in copy to Propus.

Security measures

We store your data at secure and European servers maintained by certified parties.

Consent to data processing

You will be asked before using our website if we may store functional and analytical data.

When using our applications, you, through your (data controller) organization, give permission to process data. Only here are data collected for functional and analytical purposes for the respective organization.


Propus and/or the processing organization uses your data to analyze usage and data entered into the applications. This relates not only to the application, but also about the work to be performed that you provide to the processing organization. They may use your data for analysis or to comply with legal obligation.

User rights in the application

User rights of our website are managed by Propus. User rights in our applications are managed by processing organization.

This includes which role within the application is allowed to see which data. Your (personal) data may be used for functional and analytical purposes by the processing organizations.

Propus is not responsible for how people working for the processing organization handle the sharing of (personal) data that may be stored in our applications.

User rights over your data

You have the right to have data deleted. You submit this request to the processing organization and Propus.

You have the right of correction. You can change this in your account. If you cannot change this you should contact the processing organization.

You also have the right to request data in a machine-readable format that we keep in our databases.

You also have the right to object to the processing of personal data. You make this objection known to the processing organization and Propus. We will process this request within 30 days.

External service providers

Propus engages the assistance of third-party service providers who may potentially interact with personal data. We ensure that it is exchanged over a secure connection and contains no more data than is necessary to carry out the agreement between the processing organization and Propus.

Social media & marketing

Propus uses social media for marketing purposes. Your personal data, photos or videos will not be used without your written permission. Propus may, however, use data and information that is anonymized, and thus not traceable to an individual person with written permission from the processing organization.

Complaint Procedure

If you have a privacy complaint involving Propus, please contact the processing organization and Propus to submit your complaint in writing (email will suffice). We will respond to your complaint within 10 business days.

Legal basis

Propus complies with Dutch (AVG) and European (GDPR) laws and regulations regarding the formation, formulation and implementation of this privacy statement.

Changes to our privacy statement are listed below.

There are currently no changes to our privacy statement.

Privacy Questions

Do you have questions about how we handle privacy? If so, please contact us at