"Don't learn safety by accident."

In a crisis situation, people, businesses, and organisations often have to make decisions quickly with a minimum of certainty. The ability to adapt to the situation is therefore of great importance. Propus’ mission is to promote that adaptability around information and crisis management. We enable this through knowledge transfer, practical exercises, and the use of tools. Our team consists of researchers, designers, and consultants. We look forward to introducing them to you.

Kenny Meesters

Kenny Meesters was born and raised in Maastricht and is also the founder of Propus. He is a technical business expert and has an IT background.

In recent years, he has specialised in Information Management for crisis situations and humanitarian aid. In addition to Propus, Kenny also works for the University of Tilburg as a lecturer and researcher in the Information Management discipline. Kenny was keen to use his knowledge outside of university for organisations that play a role in, or face, crisis situations. He therefore currently provides training and advice, and also acts as an international expert at the United Nations (UNDAC) and the European Union (UCPM).

Joel Repko

Joël works within Propus to guide crisis and safety organisations with digital maturity through research and technology.

He believes that people should experience the least possible difficulty with technology that is used as a means to gather and share simple insights with stakeholders. He has experience as a researcher, project manager and functional designer of software at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, among others. Using his analytical and critical perspective, Joël assists organisations in the Netherlands and abroad with complex situations surrounding information and crisis management. Outside of Propus, he can mainly be found on his motorbike or carrying around a camera.

Joas Goedegebuur

Joas is responsible within Propus for the sales, the internal processes of the organization, and the project management on various assignments.

The initial contact is often made with Joas, exploring with organisations what Propus can best help and support with. Based on the pre-interview with Joas, it is determined whether there is a need for the Propus Exercise, the Serious Game, or advice. Based on his background in the commercial sector where until recently he also worked as a PIM implementation consultant, Joas always provides sound advice with the best solution for your organisation.