About Propus

Propus is founded as a result of academic research and practical experience in crisis situations and information management 

We focus on providing organizations knowledge, advise, and tooling to improve their crisis policies and processes to impact human lives and environments in critical need

Exercise Better, Learn Better, Respond Better

Team Propus

Kenny Meesters

Kenny Meesters is a researcher and teacher at Tilburg University. His area of expertise is information and crisis management. As an expert, Kenny is involved in various committees and as a volunteer. For example, he works for the European Union and United Nations.

Joas Goedegebuur

Joas Goedegebuur has a master degree in information management and a bachelor degree in business administration. He met Kenny and Joël at Dutch Operational Team Corona. He specializes his current masterthesis subject to coordinating information in crisis situations. He is eager to grow Propus to the next level!

Joël Repko

Joël Repko has a master degree in information management and strategic management. He became a freelancer and joined Propus after a successful collaboration at the Dutch Operational Team Corona with Kenny and Joas. He strives for easy to use and effective tools.

Propus Products & Services


Concise and concrete advise from Propus experts to become more prepared and compliant in safety and crisis situations.

Exercise Management Tool

Supports organizing small, large, and multidisciplinary exercises for emergency response teams of any size. This web-based tool helps to design, plan, and report exercises to all stakeholders.

Disaster in my Backyard

Serious game which helps teams to solve emergency-related puzzles to become more effective in collaboration and communication.

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