Partner in Safety

Exercise Better, Learn Better, Respond Better

Propus strives to improve the safety of human lives and environments at the most critical times by serving emergency responders with modern tools, training, and methods to solve complex crisis situations around the world

Technology, data, and crisis management

Applying and combining proven methods, technology and insights to manage crisis situations more effectively.

Practical and Academic rigor

Combining expertise of the best in the field of emergency response, crisis management, and academics.

Focus on intuitive learning

Continuous learning of individuals and teams in a safe and transparent environment.

Propus Services

We support crisis response organizations with advise and tooling to become more efficient and effective


Concise and concrete academic advise from Propus experts to become more prepared and compliant in safety and crisis situations.

Exercise Management Tool

Supports organizing small, large, and multidisciplinary exercises for emergency response teams of any size. This web-based tool helps to design, plan, and report exercises to all stakeholders.

Disaster in my Backyard

Serious game which helps teams to solve emergency-related puzzles to become more effective in collaboration and communication.

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